Our Story

In the beginning there was me. 

With an insatiable desire to find all things fabulous, I’d exhaust every possible source to upturn some pretty amazing goodies for your heart & your home, but mostly for you to wear.

I’ve never got hung up on trends, preferring instead a style that is both non-conforming and individual.

Every weekend with much excitement, I’d rock up to the Brissie Markets to proudly showcase what great little finds I’d dug-up that week.

My clientele of fellow style enthusiasts grew rapidly, and in June 2004 my first little shop, The Last Tango. Opening our doors in my picturesque home on Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, “Tango” became a go-to favourite among our local girls, and popular with visitors to the mountain.

After selling The Last Tango in 2013, I had some much needed down time, then resurfaced with a new love….Florence & Frida.

Florence & Frida is about a passion for eclectic & ethical fashion both new and reloved.

It’s about indulging, adorning and surrounding yourself with objects of beauty and meaning.

We’re merchants of gorgeous little giftie things, handmade jewellery, quirky homewares and non-conforming style from all over the world.
Each piece has a unique story.

Welcome indie-style lovers, to my way of life and thanks for sharing my journey.

Big love
Jodie xx